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The mountain is covered with a dense forest of oak, pine, birch and mimosa trees. It suddenly plunges into the sea, ending in high cliffs where erosion sculptured spectacular forms: spurs with sharp edges and impressively beautiful needle-shaped ocher stones. The wild cliffs are of limited extent and the major part of the coast is made up of large golden beaches bordered by a beautiful dune landscape in the background. This is Tabarka, Phoenician Thapraca which later became a Roman trade center before the arrival of the Byzantines.

Coast and Islands

Tunisia's rich fishing sites are made up of a 1,300-km coastline, lined with islands, small islands, and large rocks, interminably stretching over a large continental plateau, in addition to large lagoons.To approach Tunisia from its very beautiful shores is even more fascinating.


Klibia, ancient Clupea, a Phoenician and Roman port, is famous for its muscat grapes and wine. It has a beautiful fine sand beach, two and a half kilometres from the town centre. A beautiful Byzantine fortress dominates the beach, and offers some magnificent views. Kelibia La Blanche, a seaside resort, is currently being built.


This is a small village famous for hunting with falcons. The Festival du Faucon (Falcon Festival) is held here in June. In Ghar El Kebir, a nearby village, there are ancient Roman quarries where stone was mined to build the coastal towns in the Gulf of Tunis. These quarries are impressive, and lit by openings in the ceilings. The coast has a wild beauty - Ras Ed Dark beach in particular, is lovely .



C'est l'un des endroits les plus pittoresques du Cap Bon. Station thermale depuis l'ere romaine, elle accueillait les riches Romains de Carthage qui y venaient prendre les eaux de Carpis. Un etablissement thermal y occupe un ancien palais du Bey. Plusieurs sources minerales. Les sources thermales soignent encore beaucoup d'affections. Superbe vue sur le golfe de Tunis. Plus loin, des endroits agreables pour les pique-niques.


Sidi Daoud is a fisherman's village, famous for its spectacular matanza - the slaughtering of captured tuna in a huge net raised from the sea by fishermen standing in boats, which circle the fish. Off the coast lies the island of Zembra, an ideal location for harpoon fishing.


Soliman The village of Soliman welcomed the Andalusians in the 17th century. There is a beautiful beach nearby.